What is the User-Board?

VANAHEIM User-Board consists in representative of
      • CCTV end-users (security/safety operators, public infrastructure managers...)
      • CCTV system designers, manufacturers and suppliers
      • Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) solutions providers

The User-Board has a dual role:
      • an internal role to advise on and review the developments that will take place within the project
      • an external role to liaise with the stakeholder community.

Members of the User-Board

Member organisation
Area of expertise

ACIC sa IVS/VCA supplier Belgium
Keeneo IVS/VCA supplier France
Thalès Transportation System Transportation system designer France
ACTS Linea Spa System end-user Italy
Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti AMT (Genova) System end-user Italy
Maptel CCTV vendor Italy
GE Security CCTV vendor/VCA supplier Switzerland
swisspro CCTV vendor Switzerland

Siemens AG* Comm. and media solution provider Austria
---* --- Belgium
CRIM* Video Analytics Research Canada
CENATAV* Research Center Cuba
---* --- Denmark
Sec-Control Group* System end-user Finland
AXIS* CCTV vendor - IVS/VCA supplier France
Pilot Centre for Urban Security (PPSL)* Public safety technologies experimentation France
FP7 SECUR-ED* Transportation system designer France
SNCF* System end-user France
---* --- France
Indanet AG* IVS / Transportation system designer Germany
Siemens AG* Transportation system designer Germany
Azienda Trasporti Milanesi ATM* System end-user Italy
University of Florence MICC* Video Surveillance Research Italy
Controlware* Value added CCTV, Telecom. integrator Italy
Ericsson AS* Transportation system designer Norway
VISILAB group, University of Castilla-La Mancha* IVS Spain
Niklas SA* CCTV vendor Switzerland
Sony Overseas SA* CCTV vendor Switzerland
Firstec SA* CCTV vendor Switzerland
---* --- Turkey
BWCS* Consultancy UK
University of Leeds* Surveillance ethicist UK
Digital Grape Business Services* Transportation system designer - Other UK
Carnegie Mellon University* Audio and Video Analytics Research USA
Louroe Electronics* Audio Monitoring Technology Manufacturer USA
March Networks* CCTV, IVS & Transportation system vendor USA

* Members who joined the User-Board since the project kick-off.

Why becoming member of the User-Board?

  • Active in CCTV/IVS and/or urban transportation area ?
  • Want to be informed of the project progresses ?
  • Interested in participating to CCTV/IVS specifications and/or evaluations ?
  • Want to be invited to on-site mid-term and final demonstrations ?

By subscribing to VANAHEIM User-Board, you will be:
    • informed of the project progresses,
    • be invited to perform exclusive review of the project developments,
    • and be invited to on-site demonstrations (Turin & Paris), possibly with coverage of your costs.

    Be part of the User Board!

    User-board subscription form

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    Transportation system designer
    System end-user
    CCTV vendor

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    By submitting this form, you agree to be be inserted into the User-Board mailing list and
    accept to receive information and request for review regarding the project outcomes.

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