VANAHEIM results in meeting of French National Association of CCTV
French National Association of CCTV (AN2V in french)
"The implementation of automatic detection of abnormality" (meeting agenda, in french)

The AN2V aims to bring together all users of CCTV systems, mainly during thematic meetings organised regularly. AN2V thematic meeting held on December 5, 2011 focused on the topic of image analysis, to provide a CCTV system with a capacity of "automatic detection of abnormality." This meeting addressed the effective implementation of the proposed technologies on the market: What challenges deployment? What goals? What costs? ... The meeting tried to answer all these questions through numerous feedback involving users and manufacturers of innovative solutions in areas as diverse as the cities, but also all areas equipped with CCTV.
In this context, one VANAHEIM participant, Cyril Carincotte from Multitel (MULT), was invited to give a talk on some achievements of the project related to traffic and passenger monitoring.