VANAHEIM sponsor of two workshops on Behaviour Analysis.

To facilitate and support the research and development of innovative audio/video analysis tools to efficiently detect, understand and recognize human behaviors in real-scale environment, VANAHEIM is sponsoring 2 workshops organized by the project participants to boost the domain:

Behaviour Analysis and Video Understanding

When & where
  • Workshop : September 23, 2011
  • Location : Sophia Antipolis, in conjunction with the 8th Int. Conf. on Computer Vision Systems
  • Submission of full papers : Extended to July 8, 2011
What it is about:

Computer vision and pattern recognition are the main technologies used for automatic monitoring of public spaces over extended durations. Effective approaches for tracking people, recognizing poses, postures, gestures, or collective crowd phenomena in public environments have been developed in the last 5 years, especially in the video surveillance context, aimed at classifying (suspect, unusual,abnormal) behaviours. However, the core problem of understanding still remains complex and needs to be improved to really address real-world situations. The main challenge consists in the generation of qualitative and semantic descriptions of people or object motion up to the detailed description of body part configuration even in complex scenes. The Key questions to be answer will be: How far (i.e. more precise, longer activities) can we go with today technologies when analysis people behaviour? How can we fill the gap between video signal and semantic activities?

More information on the workshop website
See also ICVS 2011 website

Interactive Human Behavior Analysis in Open or Public Spaces

When & where
  • Workshop : November 16, 2011
  • Location : Amsterdam, in conjunction with the 2011 Ambient Intelligence Conference
  • Paper submission deadline : July 25, 2011
What it is about:

The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts and researchers from different fields (computer scientists, psychologists, sociologists, governmental agencies and industry) to share their experience and expertise about the opportunities on the development of tools for automated social analysis in open spaces. In particular, we would like to foster discussions between researchers in the fields of human-behavior understanding (for example, but not limited to sociologists), visual processing, multi-modal or multi-sensor processing, and potential commercial end-users in order to identify the needs, challenges and avenues of research in this field.

More information on the workshop website
See also AmI 2011 website