Two VANAHEIM participants as speakers in SafeCity@Euro-Med Summit.
SafeCity@Euro-Med Summit

The visibility of VANAHEIM has been promoted by the presence of F. Bremond (INRIA) and R. Rossi (THALIT) at SafeCity@Euro-Med Summit, in a session entitled "The technology trends: Linking Enterprise and Research for Urban Security" (see below for more details), with around 50 people attending to the session, and most of them coming from universities or local governments/public administrations.
The technology trends: Linking Enterprise and Research for Urban Security

In the cities of tomorrow, a large manifold of technologies will be available for the security and the well-being of citizen, so that any technology-based action for monitoring, prevention and a posteriori analysis of security data will address the scope of improving the quality of urban life.
In these last years, a large effort in the world wide research has been devoted to the technology evolution dealing with the challenges of urban security and focused to new generations of innovative solutions, for the short and medium-term market transfer, especially in the field of smart video surveillance, video analytics and in the managing of video information and knowledge.
In the round table, the emerging technologies will be presented and discussed by authoritative experts coming from companies, public bodies, universities and research centers.
Among the different technologies, the panel will debate on the methods and solutions for data collection, for proactive and reactive data analysis, the multimedia and video analytics technologies for traffic security, for controlling the security of people in public areas, in offices and in the home, for eldery people and children, for citizen and workers.