VANAHEIM in Dinner Talk at PRACTIS annual meeting and workshop.
PRACTIS annual meeting and workshop
PRACTIS annual meeting and workshop with external experts was held in Vienna, on Feb. 22, 20011.

The workshop focused on changing privacy perceptions and future scenarios, driven by emerging technologies.
One VANAHEIM participant, Elisabeth Oberzaucher (UNIVIE), was invited to give a dinner talk at the evening prior to the workshop. The EC funded project PRACTIS ( targets the emerging challenges to privacy end ethical issues due to technical advancement. The technology developed in VANAHEIM is thus a candidate technology requiring assessment in this respect. Current ethics guidelines are not very strict with respect to behavior observation and analysis in public settings, as long as no individual information is stored. The approach of the VANAHEIM consortium thus does not violate any ethical rules. The role of the scientist as a responsible player in the interplay between scientific advance, technological implementation and personal rights should be reconsidered though. As technological possibilities accelerate, scientists have the duty to consider the possible consequences of their scientific findings.
To conclude, the need to further the ethical awareness amongst scientists motivated the PRACTIS consortium to invite E. Oberzaucher to their advisory board.