VANAHEIM at 2010 SAMURAI Workshop on User Requirements for Intelligent Video Systems.
2010 SAMURAI Workshop (Program)

"Video Analytics: a joint end-user/integrator perspective on needs and integration"
Alberto Forchino, Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT), Italy

As project participants, GTT, RATP (metro operators) and THALIT (cctv system integrator) did a joint presentation on their respective experiences and/or problems in implementing surveillance or safety system with video analytics. The presentation started with a description of the common issues that have to be dealt with when designing a video surveillance system. Classical user needs/requirements for video analytics have then be reviewed focusing on the transportation context (end-user needs expressed by GTT/RATP), and on others markets such as defense, aerospace, or security markets (customer requirements from an integrator point of view, THALIT). As final user and potential customer of those system, the presence of GTT raised the attention with lot of questions and in-depth examinations, mostly regarding customer requirements.

As conclusion, the presentation showed how system end-users and integrators can act as a bridge and help to delineate the innovative video analytics of tomorrow, like currently ongoing in VANAHEIM.

SAMURAI is a collaborative project funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme Theme 10 (Security). The aim of SAMURAI is to develop and integrate an innovative intelligent surveillance system for monitoring people and vehicle activities at both inside and surrounding areas of a critical public infrastructure.
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