VANAHEIM in one regular Italian exhibition for the railway industries.
EXPO Ferroviaria 2010

VANAHEIM was presented in Turin Rail EXPO which took place at Turin’s Lingotto Fiere, Italy, from 8 to 10 June.

The exhibition was, in fact, an opportunity for one of the project partners (Thales Italia), to disseminate the contents of the project to professionals from all parts of the rail industry (representatives of Italy’s national rail infrastructure company and rail operator, officials from regional transport authorities, urban rail sector companies, managers from foreign train operating companies, etc.).

In VANAHEIM, Thales Italia (THALIT) contributes to the project with its skills for software development, system integration and operation in the security and transport domains, with particular reference to the management of video and audio surveillance systems and the use of innovative technologies for automatic behavior detection.

Many visitors demonstrated great interests in the project and have been invited to join the VANAHEIM user group of interest in which public transport operators, end users, institutions, research organizations and technology vendors can freely join to get information about the project, propose ideas or review project progresses (see the User board page for more details).